Saturday, 19 March 2011

My busy day!

Today I have done lots of things! I spent the day with Mummy and Daddy.
First we went to see Auntie Nicola and my cousins Chloie and Jake.

They had a new kitten called Belle, she was cute, I like cats!

Then we went to the pet shop and looked at the fish! I loved them! Mummy and Daddy are going to get me some for my bedroom! We bought Sid and Nancy a scratchpole stand thing so they can look out of the living room window...

...but they prefer the box that it came in!

Tonight I went to Uncle Ste and Auntie Jill's house. I saw Uncle Ste, Auntie Jill, my cousins Anya and Erin, Uncle Davy, my cousin Sam and a new friend called Daisy! She's Auntie Jill's niece. She's 4 months older than me!

My cat Vlad made a new friend too! Me and Daisy had his & hers cats!

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