My Story

This is me inside Mummy's belly. It's the first time that her and Dad saw me. I was around the size of a kidney bean!


This is the second time Mummy and Daddy saw me. They found out I was a boy. I was about the size of a large banana!

My Mummy when I was in her tummy... with 6 weeks to go!
My Birth Story... By Mummy...
I was 2 weeks over my due date - 2nd October 2010, so I went to Darlington Memorial Hospital to be induced on Thursday 14th October at 12:30, when I got there they told me that it was far too busy and would not be safe to induce me that day. I was so annoyed, but after doing some checks on me I made my way back home, on the way home we got a Chinese from Little Fat Buddha and a bottle of wine, I planned on having 2 glasses to cheer me up!
I went in the next day, thinking that I would be sent home again but I wasn't! They checked me over and I was only a fingertip dilated so they gave me a pessary in my cervix which would help it to dilate. After about 5 hours I started to get cramps really bad, but not contractions, after another hour they gave me another dose. I went in the bath to ease the cramps and they seemed to calm down. Shaun had to leave at about 9, I didn't want him to go, but I watched the telly and I went to sleep.
I woke up Saturday morning at 7am, I was having contractions, not too painful but regular! The midwife was going to examine me first, then the doctor was going to come and break my waters but i was really really sore from the pessaries so they decided to take me to a labour room and do it all the same time.
I was dilated enough for my waters to be broken so they attempted that, my doctor couldn't do it so he brought in one of the senior doctors to try, he said he thought he'd done it but it was too hard to tell because baby's head was so far down and probably had the sack of waters tight on his head.
They then hooked me up to the oxytocin to speed up my contractions and Shaun arrived, I managed to get to around 5-6cm with paracetamol, codeine and gas and air, but then it started getting really painful, so i was given pethidine which made me feel so drunk and everything was a blur until my mum arrived in the middle of a really painful contraction, but she was great and made me feel better, to be honest the pethidine didn't really help and i was really hurting, because of the oxytocin on the drip I wasn't getting breaks in between my contractions, so after everything I said about not getting an epidural, the anesthetist was called in an the epidural was administrated! I didn't feel it go in because I was in agony with contractions.
After that everything was so much better.. no pain! and I could still move my legs! It just felt like a lot of pressure in my bottom, I had a button to press every 15 minutes which would then give me another small dose through my epidural. The hours seemed to pass really quickly after that. Then at around 7cm I got the shakes really bad, I couldn't control them, I felt fine but was worried about them. I was also really thirsty. The doctors kept a close eye on me.
My pulse then started to creep up and my temp went up to 38c, then baby's heart rate went up, the doctor took a sample of blood from the top of his head to make sure there was enough oxygen in his blood. They monitored it for around 30 minutes, then the senior doctor decided it was best I had a c-section to get him out!
I was 9cm when they did the c-section! So close but yet so far away!!
They rushed me into theatre, and gave me the strongest stuff in my epidural so I was totally numb, I still had the shakes really bad, the epidural had also left my arms numb so they were floppy, and it felt like I was falling off the bed. It was really scary so I had to get Shaun to hold them, also breathing was hard as my chest was slightly numb. But the doctors assured me that everything was fine and I was doing great.
I could feel everything during the c-section, just no pain, it was completely crazy, it felt like someone washing up in my belly, then a sense of relief when he was pulled out!
Little Oskar was born at 8.39pm on Saturday 16th October 2010! He got handed straight to daddy whilst they stitched me up and a worried grandma was waiting outside theatre, concerned because she couldn't hear him cry but he was just really chilled out! (like his dad)
Oskar, Daddy and Grandma went to the recovery room whilst they stitched me up and i followed soon after. They weighed him and he was a huge 9lb 5.5oz!!
We were both put onto antibiotics as they had discovered that my waters had broken without me knowing near the end of the pregnancy, they think it must have been a slow leak. When they tried to break my waters earlier that day they were just scratching his head, so he had lots of cuts on the top of his little head.
I had the most unnatural birth ever! But as scary as it was, it was the best experience of my life and hope to do it again one day!

Oskar Denham, Born: Saturday 16th October 2010, 8.39pm, Weighing 9lbs 5.5oz

This is me! Only a few hours old!