About Me

My Name is:
Oskar is spelled with a 'K' because my Grandma (Mammy's mam) is from Norway and that's how they spell it there.

My Date of Birth is:
 Saturday 16th October 2010.
That makes me a Libra.
Librans are:
Charming, Easygoing and Sociable (which Mummy says is true)

When I was born I weighed 9lb 5.5oz and was 52cm long!

My hair colour is:
 light brown,
 but I don't have much yet.

My eye colour is blue.

My favorite foods are Yogurt, bread and Porridge
I drank boob-milk until I was 4 months old, now I have Aptamil Follow on Milk.

I was born in Darlington.

I live in Newton Aycliffe with Mammy, Daddy and our cats, Sid and Nancy.

I love watching BabyTV, In the Night Garden and Peppa Pig, but Mammy only lets me watch it when she's busy.

I'm never dressed in baby-blue, because Mammy and Daddy don't like it.

My favourite things are:
Cats and Dogs, especially Patch (Grandma and Grandpa's Dog)
Sid 2
Peppa Pig
Bingo Adverts
All of My cousins; Jake, Anya, Erin, Sam and Chloie. Not forgetting my little uncle; Ryan.

I don't like:
Balls (Even though Mammy wants me to be a footballer)
Wearing sunglasses 
Being Hungry