Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Feeding the geese!

Today was a sunny and warm day, Mummy took me to Auntie Liv's house. I got into her bed and had a cuddle off her teddy, Flossie!

Then we went to Preston Park with Auntie Liv's brother, Joe. We went looking for the birds in the the park but they weren't there anymore so we had a walk instead.

Mummy tried putting my sunglasses on me but they were a little bit too big and I didn't like them..

We went in the museum because it was free that day, we were allowed to try on the olden day clothes. Mummy and Auntie Liv thought it was really funny!

There was a street in the museum and it had and it had an old toy shop!

Since we couldn't find any birds at Preston Park, we went to South Park and fed the ducks. There wasn't many ducks there, just geese and swans, and Mummy was scared of them..

We went into the play area and there was a special baby swing! I wasn't too impressed with it though!

YouTube Video

I had my first open air nappy change, and I liked that!

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