Friday, 13 April 2012

My first proper boo-boo on Friday 13th

Tonight I had my first boo-boo! I tripped over my owl and banged my head of the wooden tv cabinet. I split my eyebrow open!

Mammy and Daddy had to take me to hospital. I soon forgot about it when I got there, there was lots of toys to play with.

I enjoyed pushing Sid 2 around in a pushchair.

I had to get my eyebrow cleaned and then glued, and some little stickers on to hold it together. Daddy had to pin me down so the nurses could do it because I was screaming until I went blue. When the nurses finished they gave me a Teddy Bear, the nurse said I had to have a green bear because they'd ran out of blue. But green is mine and Mammy's favourite colour, but I've called him 'blue-boo'

When I got home I had a very big bottle of milk, and Mammy had a very big glass of wine.

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  1. omg! poor oskar!! I bet mummy was more bothered about it than oskar was though! lol!! x