Friday, 20 January 2012

Things I've been saying lately..

"Mmmm cake"

"Ahhh tea"

I know that cows say 'moo' although I say 'boooo'

I know that pigs say 'oink oink' (I'm good at that one)

I know that sheep say 'baaaah'

When I see a duck, I say 'gwak gwak'

I love the bath, and always say 'bah' when I go in the bathroom.

When I have a poo or see my baby-wipes I say 'poo poo'

I love shoes and always carry my shoes round saying 'shoooes'

Nancy is my favourite and I'm the only person she likes. I call her 'Ancy' and Sid is 'Siddy'

I say lots of other things too, but these are my favourite things to say at moment. I'm learning lots of new words every day!

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